Sampson Clyde vs. The Internet

i was on my walk today when i started thinking about the possibility of surpassing humanly boundaries or limitations that us humans have “set” using the power of the mind and by viewing them as illusions. Then i got to thinking about homestuck

Rouge of Mind - One who, using the power of the mind, surpasses any known limitations of “reality”. Questions the truth of any “fact”, and sees any boundary as an illusion. Time, distance, death, and pain are all illusions. If one were to harness their mind, they would be able to alter their own reality even before god teir.

Rouge, a term used, at times, to describe someone who’s opposing you or civilization (per say), used in conjunction with Mind. Depending on this user’s intentions, they could have a vast array of abilities. a Rouge of mind could also possibly manipulate the minds of enemies if it would be a greater good for the group.

anyway, yeah.

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